In addition to the basic functions some additional features can be installed

Payment Gateways

A wide range of payment gateways can be installed.

For SFW :



For NSFW :



Online Store

Sell physical and digital products directly from your store.

Music Store

Upload and sell your .mp3 files .

Trial for new users

Allow new users to visit the site and explore the content for a short time.

Photo Watermark

Add a watermark or logo to the images.

Users Credit Coins

Allow users to buy points to use for certain actions to be taken on the site, such as video chatting with you or otherwise.


Offer affiliate programs to your users and webmasters.

Pay per View Video Messenger

Paid video messengers, users pay a price you set per minute. This messenger works in conjunction with the User Credit Coins add-on

Signup with Patreon

If you are a content creator on Patreon you can create new pledge with different levels to offer entry to your Patrons